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We believe that films, when well told, beautifully crafted, thoroughly researched, and carefully cast, can create an impact.

We aim for our films to explore the urgent questions and issues of our time.

We are passionate, visual storytellers with a Nordic touch. Oslo based. Copenhagen shaped. Stockholm spiced.

Per Liebeck

Per is an award-winning shooting director, educated in Copenhagen, working and living in Oslo, while married to his Swedish love. Per co-founded and managed Copenhagen Film Company for 5 years in Denmark before moving to Oslo. Here he teamed up with local professionals, creating Nordic Made Film. Per is a strong visual real-life storyteller and globetrotter.

Poul Høgsted

As an experienced journalist, Poul has produced numerous stories for both television and written media. He is sharp at identifying great stories and conveying them so that they capture the audience. Poul was educated at The Danish School of Journalism’s TV line, later supplemented with individual subjects in TV and film studies at the University of Copenhagen and courses at the Danish Film School. Poul works from Copenhagen.

Kaia Eriksen

Kaia is a Journalist, educated from the University of Oslo. She is a freelance Communication Advisor at NUPI, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, and a freelance journalist with VG, A-Magasinet, DN-magasinet and D2. Born and raised in Oslo, Kaia brings an in-depth know-how of the movers and shakers in the city.

Martin Noboa

Photographer, on land and in the air, as well as a script writer. Martin was educated from Binger Film Lab. Martin is Norwegian but born in Uruguay. Latin temper mixed with the Nordic cool. Fire and Ice best describes his images and storytelling.

Linda Katarina

Educated as Set Designer from the Westerdal School of Arts, Communication and Technology in Oslo. Linda has worked at NRK for several years in the Art Department, before joining us as freelancer. Linda is Swedish, but has spent most of her career in Oslo and Copenhagen.

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